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All About the VO Reel Deal™

What is the VO Reel Deal?

Get a professionally produced voice-over demo with your PureSoundVO network host, Re-recording mixer/Sound Designer Joe Miuccio. Joe will provide the scripts, royalty free music and sound design, and the expertise of over 30 years directing talent. With over 10,000 commercials under his belt, your reel will be in good hands!

How much is it? It's just $350 bucks! What the @#$%! Yup.

Wow, why so cheap? Ok, here's the story. Joe operates an audio industry mentorship platform on his global audio community, the Audio Pro Network. He mentors young people and helps them learn all about the audio post production industry. He teaches mixing, sound design and the real world workflow of recording and editing voice-over! In fact, our audio mentee members (if scheduling works) will sit in on your session to watch the process! Get deal on a reel and help educate the next generation of audio engineers. Pretty cool right?

So in order to take advantage of this amazingly cheap, but very professional voice over reel service, you MUST agree to the following:


  • You release in perpetuity, your raw recordings and reels for educational use on the Audio Pro Network Mentorship Platform and the Audio Post Career Accelerator course.
  • Mentee members are made aware that sharing their editing work with your voice outside of the Audio Pro Network is strictly prohibited. Your audio will only be used for sound editing and mixing practice. Also, your name will never be mentioned in our lesson materials.
  • You are totally fine with our audio mentee members, no more than 5 at a time, watching  the recording process! Keep in mind, video of these sessions are not recorded. Only the raw audio recordings will be given to the mentees on the Mentorship Platform and the Audio Post Career Accelerator course, so they can practice editing the perfect take!
  • I use SessionLinkPRO for all my remote work in order to facilitate high quality recording, as well as a small group of mentees at the same time. The Chrome Browser is required.

That's it! You'll be doing a pretty great thing for our young mentee members and the audio post industry in general, plus you'll get a great reel in the process! Sound good? I thought so!

Your Reel in 3 Steps!

Step One: Lets Talk About It

Message me, Joe Miuccio, to say hi, and let me know what kind of reel you want to do. I offer production services for the following: Commercial, Promo, Radio Imaging, Narration, Animation, and Games. Please note: Im discontinuing political demos at this time.

I'll respond to your message and give you a private calendar link where you can choose a convenient time for our first video meeting. During the meeting we will create a game plan and discuss your needs and just generally get to know each other.

After the meeting, I will curate / write all the scripts you need for a great reel and share the scripts with you on a Google Doc via the PureSoundVO network messaging system. (All messages will need to be through the PureSoundVO platform so that I can keep track of our communications ok?) This process can take a few days or sometimes a week or two. Be patient, it will be worth it!

Step Two: Book Your Session

After receiving and agreeing to the scripts, it's time to book your recording session using the same already provided calendar link! Sessions are booked in hour blocks... sometimes longer than an hour. If all the scripts can't be finished in one hour, just book another session or two until the reel is complete. Remember, every time you book a session there is a good possibility that it will be attended by a small group of our our Audio Pro Network mentee members! Fun!

Step Three: Final Mix and Revisions

After recordings are done, Joe will do the music, sound design and mix for your reel unsupervised and send it to you. This could happen right away, or take up to a week. Then, after some revisions (within reason) Joe will deliver your final reel and a link requesting payment.

Sign up to PuresoundVO.com  to get the ball rolling! See you soon.


I approached Joe a few weeks ago about having a new commercial demo reel recorded, and he got back to me right away. From the planning meeting, to scheduling, the recording session, and delivery, everything Joe did was done with the utmost professionalism, and skill. His direction during the session was invaluable, and he clicked very quickly with me to know how to offer suggestions in the clearest and most concise way possible. Frankly, working with Joe was like spending an afternoon jamming with an old friend, and the final product was perfection. 5 Stars – Highly Recommended!

Stuart Bentley

1000% Satisfaction! Joe Miuccio is a master chef at cooking up a VO DEMO. His Content, his Direction, his Production, his BRILLIANCE all combine for a spicy blend of relevance and impact. In other words ... I highly recommend Joe for your next VO Demo, & I'm taking my own advice ...

Anne Ghrist

Good feedback, direction, and listening! Joe was a lot of fun to work with while he recorded my demo. Having it be an exchange of ideas that ultimately results in something personal and professional— that's the key! Thanks, Joe!

Tony Tee Neto