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After working in the audio industry for over 30 years, I created these two niche social communities to give back to the industry that I love. Audio Pro Network is dedicated to audio professionals with a separate mentorship platform and PureSoundVO is dedicated to voice-over actors. Both networks work in synergy with each other. Find out more below and consider joining if you meet the criteria. Both networks are free!


Facebook, Instagram and Twitter can no longer successfully provide the security, dedication, and focus that private groups need. These platforms have grown so large that meaningful conversations are constantly pitted against trolls and misinformation. Audio Pro Network is a private niche social community dedicated to the audio industry, with a high signal to noise ratio. And with a separate mentorship platform, Audio Pro Network is supporting the next generation of audio professionals. If you aren’t already a member, consider joining and pull the patch on big social.


I first came up with the idea of a voice-over network during the start of the pandemic. At the time, many of my NYC voice over friends didn't have home set ups or Source Connect accounts. I personally helped over 20 people set up their accounts and home recording studios. This process reminded me of all of my amazing actor friends and of how much I missed recording them in person. Creating this network was a natural next step for me. All my VO friends in one place, away from the evil, noisy and distracting FB. Nice.

So if you are an experienced pro voice over actor or just starting out, Puresoundvo.com is for you! Hope to see you on the network!